Stephanie Rizzi is the School Board Member for the 5th District for Richmond Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia.

A message from Stephanie:

I am a career educator and parent who deeply believes in the value of education. Access to high quality public education is something that every child has a right to, regardless of background or circumstance. As a product of public schools (both Richmond Public Schools and Caroline County Public Schools), I understand how crucial it is that schools are safe spaces for our children, spaces where young people should want to be, spaces that nurture and promote student growth and development and prepare them for the demands of adult life–no matter what path they choose.

I know that we cannot meet the needs of young people without funding our schools properly, and that once those funds are secured, they need to be allocated in ways that best benefit our children. As your school board representative, I will work to empower teachers and grow partnerships with parents, making their voices central to the discussion of how to best serve our students. Teachers are, after all, our experts.

I also know that funding alone isn’t enough. Compassionate, transparent, knowledgeable leadership is required. As your 5th District School Board representative, I will work to involve and inform as many people as possible, making sure your voices are heard and taken into account. I look forward to connecting with 5th District residents and am proud to serve as your School Board representative.

Please use [srizzi at rvaschools dot net] for official communication.

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